Monday , January 21 2019

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Round 2 Wrap: Outrights Avoided

1st Grade 1st Grade had a shocker in the field as Long Reef looked to set CPCC a target for us to avoid an outright. Despite 6 dropped catches, the Plateau bowlers were able to stem the quick flow of runs for a while. Long Reef eventually declared at tea …

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Sri Lanka Tour: Games 3 and 4 in Kandy

by John Jackson Kandy is 115 KM from Colombo by road and 500 m higher in elevation. After a 5 hour road journey in a maze of tuk tuks and government buses ‘screaming down the non-existent third lane’ we arrived in Kandy at the height of Buddhist New Year’s celebrations. …

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CPCC in Colombo: Games 1, 2 and 6

By John Jackson All three of the Colombo games were played against young teams from the Sinhalese Sports Club (SSC) School of cricket. The teams turned out to be pretty evenly matched with CPCC winning the series 2-1. The oppressive heat was the ever present factor in all our games …

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Jacko vs Tobes

Saturday evening before last, Plateau treasurer Toby Horstead sat in the pub with a beaming smile, anxious to tell his fellow clubmen about the career milestones he had achieved thanks to a solid 47 that day. He whipped out his iPad and brought up the list of players with the …

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Toby Horstead Passes 5000 Runs for CPCC

A big congratulations to Tobes the Treasurer Horstead who achieved a special CPCC milestone earlier this season, going passed 5000 runs for the club. The 7 time centurion now sits amongst club legends John Jackson, Geoff Brown, Don Leech, Rob Vere, Colin Huxley, David Quarford, Peter Henriksen and Robert Minnett …

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