Sunday , November 27 2022

Code of Conduct

It is the responsibility of all CPCC members, both playing and non-playing, to maintain the proud traditions and reputation the Club has developed and earned over its long history.

Specifically, it is expected that all members:

  • Play the game within the Spirit of Cricket
  • Respect umpires, captains, teammates, Club colleagues and opposition players
  • Pay all fees as and when required
  • Refrain from activity that may be potentially damaging to the Club’s reputation & prosperity (including behaviour on Sponsors premises)
  • Inform Club officials of any impropriety or activity they may be aware of that is potentially damaging to the Club’s reputation & prosperity
  • Inform your Captain in a timely fashion of being unable to meet playing commitments
  • Dress in appropriate and presentable cricket attire (cream/white) including footwear.
  • Abide by the Club’s Alcohol Policy

Additionally, it is encouraged that all members:

  • Wear the Club’s colours by purchasing a playing shirt and hat
  • Support the Club’s sponsors
  • Participate in Club training sessions
  • Participate in Club social activity & fundraising
  • Assist with Club working-bees, training junior teams, setting up equipment for games and social days etc