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CPCC Museum

Located in the foyer of the Youth Club, the CPCC Museum displays equipment, trophies and other memorabilia from our Club’s long history. The collection is dominated by trophies, plates and other souvenirs from CPCC’s two England Tours, in 2005 and 2009. The cricket equipment display contains old bats, gloves, pads and other assorted gear that many a young Plataen would have found in the kit and used as they grew up playing cricket for CPCC. Bats on display include the revered ‘Non-Jar’ (see description below) and old County, Gunn & Moore, Stuart Surridge and Duncan Fernley models. The Club’s bat collection also includes a 1977 Gray Nicholls bat signed by the inaugural World Series Cup teams (Australia, West Indies and Rest of the World). Other items of special interest are a piece of the old Nolans 1 pitch which played host to CPCC A1 & A2 premierships, and a Tour Tie of Sanath Jayasuriya.

The ‘Non-Jar’
The Gunn & Moore ‘Non-Jar’ looked more like the leg off an antique desk than anything useful for a Plateau batsman. Its deep ebony hue suggested that the Non-Jar’s’ middle had the feel of a lump of cement and that it’s last innings was at a time when WG Grace was a rookie. The fact that GM felt it necessary to market it as ‘Non-jarring’ did little to install any confidence of its run scoring potential to CPCC players. The much maligned Non-Jar therefore lay in-active for many years at the bottom of the old C2 kit bag until one sunny day at Seaforth Oval in 1984. A young Russell Murray was debuting his new ‘County Clipper’, the latest in bat technology. After several overs Russell realised that the cheap ‘Indian Rock’ being used by the opposition was damaging his new pride and joy so Russell called for the only thing that the ball couldn’t damage – the ‘Non-Jar’. Over the next few hours Russell and the Non- Jar put on a still association record partnership of 200 with Neil Gray with Russell scoring 100. The Non-Jar was now part of CPCC folklore.

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