Thursday , August 11 2022

WHAT THE …..? What’s Happening At Vic Huxley Oval

Most people visiting Vic Huxley Oval over the last couple of months have been surprised to find a large construction compound in the middle of the oval instead of the usual sporting activity. Click here to find out what is going on with our home ground!

PIPE International is building a new international telecommunications cable between Australia and Guam. This cable will provide additional capacity to the Australian East Coast for use by various companies to move (primarily) internet traffic between Australia, Japan and the United States. The Australian Communications and Media Authority has declared that they want such cables to land in North Sydney along the Collaroy beach area. As a result PIPE Int. need to conduct some civil engineering works to construct an underground duct from the land to the sea. The best location was to carry out the works in Plateau Park.

The works take the shape of a drilling rig in the park to drill the hole. The exact point in the park is bound by a fairly tight corridor for the work, determined by needing to be as close to the sea and the presence of another submarine cable that runs through the park. An area of approximately 60m2 for the drill site is required and once work is finished all of structures will be underground and re-turfed so that the use of the park can continue without permanent disruption. PIPE expected to be onsite for between 8 -12 weeks before the end of November 2008 however we now believe that the site will not be vacated before April 2009.

Whilst this major interruption to activity on CPCC’s home ground is unavoidable, a great opportunity exists to have the playing surface significantly improved on completion of the project. Placing new turf on at least the western side of the cricket pitch and finally establishing a satisfactory surface for cricket would make the loss of our facility and disruption to training etc worthwhile.

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